You can't wear white after Labor Day.

You NEVER wear white to weddings.

The reign of Queen Victoria created the tradition of wearing black to funerals. Though I recently learned blue is also a ceremonial color of mourning...or was it purple? 0.o

Furthermore, I am wearing white to the service and "celebration of life" for my mother. Because frankly, I don't know when else I can wear it.

My Best Friend is my Fashion Icon [Updated]

This is Thérése. (Spelled like Therese, pronounced 'tuh-rez.'.) She's an aspiring artist and sushi chef. In my opinion, she'd also have a good shot at becoming a beautician. We have been best friends since 8th grade. ^-^

This year, she was a Gothic Lolita for Halloween.

^ I'm the lame ghost.

Awhile back, she was a Geisha. She sews her own kimonos! ^___^

And cuts her own hair:

Amongst our friends, there's an inside joke that ANYTHING looks good on her head.

Recently, she attempted the Cyber Goth style:

^ My tights.

^ My boyfriend's goggles.

^ Entirely dressed in my boyfriend's clothes and accesories.

She and I matching:

Dressed in drag:


More childish looks: 



All photos were taken by me! No use without permission.

There's more coming as soon as I can figure out how to load the damned bitmaps!

What Kind of Goth Are You?

My friend Meg was a lot of my influence in the "Goth" department. She's pretty much a metal head.

In middle school and early high school, I spent a lot of time as a "Mopey Goth."

To this day, I still really like the term "Baby Bat." It sounds adorable. ^-^

I'm dating a Cyber Goth..

I suppose my Pokemon addiction makes me a bit of "Geek Goth."

But most days, I think I'm  a "Perky Goth."

What about you?


(All artwork is property of Megan Balanck at Blackwaterfall.com.)